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At Present the centre has one insectorium which was developed before 19 years. Here cyclic colony of three genus of mosquitoes i.e. Aedes aegypti ( LV strain), Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus maintained. The reared mosquito species were used in insecticide susceptibility status test, larvicidal bioassay plant extract bioassay test.The different plant extract having larviciding properties tested in our insectorium by our scientist and scientist from other Institute also send their material for testing. Cyclic development of Brugia malayi L3 developed and different aspects of and immunological studies were carried out by our scientist of the Institute. The insectorium was used for giving training to different persons time to time.

Now we are proposing for conducting virology work ie on Chikungunya, Dengue, West Nile and JE so proper maintenance of Aedes aegypti, Ae.albopictus and Culex vishnui group of mosquito will be maintained so a special infected room will be maintained with utmost care so that a single mosquito can not be escaped.

To investigate the interaction between parasites and mosquito under natural conditions, An. stephensi will be fed on infected human blood, using the artificial membrane feeding technique. Gene expression will be monitored at 14, 24, 48 h and 10 days post infected blood meal, corresponding to the transformation of zygote into ookinetes, to the interaction of ookinetes with the peritrophic matrix and mid gut cells, and to the migration and early differentiation of ookinetes into oocysts, and sporozoites stages respectively.

We are now planning to modernization of the insectorium which is required for the centre for conducting future work. In our plan we divided the entire facility into three section i.e. larval rearing space, adult rearing room and infected mosquito room. Necessary required equipment s for each space is mentioned in the planning.


Library & Information Centre of RMRC has been the life-line for the research activity of the institute. At present, it stands as a modern library & Information Centre with a lot of modern facilities with Wi-Fi enabled. It is regarded as one of the best Bio-Medical & Health Science Research libraries in Odisha.

The library has been using the Koha an Integrated Library Management software package with all the modules for the library housekeeping operations. Using Koha OPAC, users can search the Library Online Catalogue by Author, Title, Subject, and keywords.

The Library has been using the Digital Repository software DSPACE is a repository of Scholarly Publications of ICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar. The main objective of this repository is to collect, preserve, and distributes digital material i.e. scholarly publications of RMRC, Bhubaneswar.

Regional Medical Research Centre, Bhubaneswar library has been categorized as Category- III library by ICMR in 2010 as per review committee report of Govt. of India. The role of the library is not confined with library activities rather library, Information & Publication activities of the Centre. The Library serves the research needs of the scientists, researchers, students, doctors and academicians of the state. The services are extended to a number of other organizations like Universities, Medical Colleges, CSIR Lab, ICAR Lab, DAE and DBT Lab of the state.

Library Timing:

9.00 Am to 5.30 P.M ( Monday to Friday)

Daily Article Service:

Library has started a new article delivery service to all ICMR scientists and researchers. In this "Daily Article Service" every day (Monday to Friday) one current research article from International journals used to send to the scientists in their respective e- mail id. This service will be extended to all medical college faculties in future. Scientists/ Doctors, who are interested to avail this service, please send a request to library.rmrc-od@nic.in in order to register your e-mail id in our group mail.

Monday Morning Service

Monday morning is a weekly E- CAS (Electronic Current Awareness Service) of RMRC Library, Bhubaneswar which carries one Biomedical & health science news item and some useful current medical research links so that the scientists can access the articles. This E- Bulletin starts its journey from 21st Nov. 2016.

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