Dr. Ansuman Panigrahi

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Dr. Ansuman Panigrahi

Scientist - E

Date of Joining : 31.05.2021
Date of Joining(present post): 31.05.2021

ICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar-751023 Odisha, India


House - 301, Lane - 7, Road – 3 Jagannath Vihar, Baramunda Bhubaneswar – 751003, odisha, India

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Educational Qualifications:

1) Graduation in MBBS from Berhampur University in the year 1999
2) Post graduation in MD in Community Medicine from Utkal University in the year 2006

About Profile:

Research Interests:
Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Public Health, Implementation Research

Designation Institution Duration
Scientist-E Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR),
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
27.03.2023 till date
Scientist-E National Institute for Implementation Research on Non-Communicable Diseases (ICMR), Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India 31.05.2021 – 26.03.2023
Professor Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India 07.11.2016 – 22.05.2021
Associate Professor Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India 01.09.2012 - 06.11.2016
Assistant Professor Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India 22.11.2006 – 31.08.2012

Projects being handled as PI/Co-PI/Co-I: (Funded projects in last 10 years)

Sl No. Name of the project Role (PI/Co-PI/Co-I) Funding agency Total duration
1 Systematic Review of Implementation Research on Non-Communicable Diseases in India Co-PI WHO country office, India 2021-22
2 Post marketing surveillance study among inmates of households exposed to 0.005% w/w metofluthrin green coil at five zones for duration of one year: a prospective, non-comparative, multi-center study in human volunteers PI Sumitomo Chemical Pvt. Ltd. 2018-19
3 Multicentric study to find out prevalence of chronic kidney disease in adults in urban Indian population Co-PI ICMR, New Delhi 2013-17

Total publications:46

Publications in the last 5 years (list below): 35
(First and/or corresponding author in 33 publications)

  1. Mishra J, Samanta P, Panigrahi A, Dash K, Behera MR, Das R. Mental Health Status, Coping Strategies During Covid-19 Pandemic Among Undergraduate Students of Healthcare Profession. Int J Ment Health Addict. 2023;21(1):562-574.
  2. PanigrahiA, Mohapatra I, Kanyari S, Maharana S, Panigrahi M. Impact of environmental temperature and relative humidity on spread of COVID-19 infection in India : A cross-sectional time-series analysis. Arch Environ Occup Heal. 2022;77(5):389-395 .
  3. Samanta P, Panigrahi A, Senapati LK, Mishra DP, Ravan JR, Mishra J. Maladaptive Behavior and Associated Factors among Young Children with Autism. Indian J Pediatr. 2022;89(11):1134-36.
  4. Dhal SS, Mohanty N, Mohakud NK, Panigrahi A, Sahoo M. Overt and Covert Delinquency: Socio-Demographic Correlates in Justice-Involved Adolescent Males. Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol. 2022;0306624X2211028.
  5. Dash K, Panigrahi A, Pathak M, Jena PK. Smoking Prevalence , Attitude , and Cessation Training among Nursing Students in Bhubaneswar , India — A Cross-sectional Study. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol. 2022; 43(2):159-64.
  6. Mishra J, Panigrahi A, Samanta P, Dash K. Sleep quality and associated factors among undergraduate medical students during Covid-19 confinement. Clin Epidemiol Glob Heal. 2022;15:101004.
  7. Panigrahi A, Sharma D, Maharana S. Intention to Quit Tobacco Use and its Determinants Among Adolescent Tobacco Users Residing in Slum Areas of Bhubaneswar , India : A Cross-Sectional Study. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol. 2021;42(5):444–50.
  8. Kande S, Patro S, Panigrahi A, Khora PK, Pattnaik D. Prevalence of Uropathogens and Their Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern among Adult Diabetic Patients. Indian J Public Health. 2021;65:280–6.
  9. Panigrahi A, Sharma D, Maharana S. Intention to Quit Tobacco Use and its Determinants among Adolescent Tobacco Users Residing in Slum Areas of Bhubaneswar, India: A Cross-Sectional Study. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol. 2021;42(5):444–50.
  10. Panigrahi A, Nageswar Rao G, Kumari Konar A. Vision-Related Quality of Life and Its Sociodemographic Correlates Among Individuals With Visual Impairments. J Vis Impair Blind. 2021;115(4):319–28.
  11. Raman S, Mishra P, Panigrahi A, Rout N, Dash K. Glomerular C4d deposition in proliferative glomerular diseases. Indian J Pathol Microbiol. 2021;64(1):69–77.
  12. Samanta P, Bhattacharyya D, Panigrahi A, Mishra S, Mishra J, Senapati LK. Body composition changes and its association with dyslipidemia in patients receiving hemodialysis. Clin Epidemiol Glob Heal. 2021;10:100686.
  13. Bhutada T, Ray AK, Dash BK, Panigrahi A. Serum cholinesterase level in postmortem cases of pesticide poisoning : Devising a protocol for identifying exposure to organophosphate and carbamate compounds. J Indian Acad Forensic Med. 2020;42(4):155–60.
  14. Sharma D, Panigrahi A. Second‑hand smoke exposure and its determinants among nonsmoking adolescents residing in slum areas of Bhubaneswar, India. Indian J Cancer. 2020;58(3):402-408.
  15. Panigrahi A, Sharma D, Mohapatra I. Tobacco consumption and its sociodemographic correlates among adolescents residing in slum areas of Bhubaneswar , India. Indian J Med Paediatr Oncol. 2020;41:718–23.
  16. Kumari A, Panigrahi A, Roy A, Panda J. Impaired Quality of Life and Its Determinants among Postmenopausal Women of Slum Communities in Bhubaneswar, India. J Midlife Health. 2020;11:149–55.
  17. Panda A, Mishra JC, Panigrahi A, Kandregula S, Majumder R. Early Postoperative Pain Intensity after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and Associated Risk Factors. Indian J Public Heal Res Dev. 2020;11(3):517–21.
  18. Sharma D, Panigrahi A. Health Alert Network (HAN). Arch Community Med Public Heal. 2020;6(1):26–7.
  19. Samanta P, Mishra DP, Panigrahi A, Mishra J, Senapati LK, Ravan JR. Sleep disturbances and associated factors among 2-6-year-old male children with autism in Bhubaneswar, India. Sleep Med. 2020;67:77–82.
  20. Panda J, Das A, Panigrahi A. Delays in Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Among Women Attending Tertiary Care Cancer Diagnostic Hospitals in Bhubaneswar, India. Indian J Gynecol Oncol. 2020;18(10). Available from: https://doi.org/10.1007/s40944-019-0358-2
  21. Panigrahi A, Mallicka, Panda J. Gestational diabetes mellitus, its associated factors, and the pregnancy outcomes among pregnant women attending tertiary care hospitals of Bhubaneswar, India. Int J Diabetes Dev Ctries. 2020;40:371–8.
  22. Panigrahi A, Sharma D. Compliance with packaging and labelling rules for tobacco products marketed in slum areas of Bhubaneswar, India. Tob Control. 2019;28:e13–5.
  23. Das SK, Dhar SS, Panigrahi A. Prevalence of Pain and Its Characteristics in Hospitalized Patients in an Indian Teaching Hospital. Pain Manag Nurs. 2019;21(3):299–303.
  24. Sharma D, Panigrahi A. Retailers’ tobacco sales, profit margins, and promotional activities in slum areas of Bhubaneswar, India. J Public Health Policy. 2019;40(4):498–503.
  25. Patra C, Chamaiah Gatti P, Panigrahi A. Morbidity After cardiac surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass and associated factors: A retrospective observational study. Indian Heart J. 2019;71(4):350–5.
  26. Sharma D, Panigrahi A. Knowledge and perception regarding Indian tobacco control regulations among retailers selling tobacco products in slum areas of Bhubaneswar, India. Arch Community Med Public Heal. 2019;5(2):52–4.
  27. Panigrahi A, Behera BK, Sarma NN. Prevalence, pattern, and associated psychosocial factors of headache among undergraduate students of health profession. Clin Epidemiol Glob Heal. 2019;8:365–370.
  28. Kumar A, Panigrahi A. Occupational health hazards among health care personnel working in public health facilities in Bhubaneswar, India. J Public Heal. 2019; 29:633-39.
  29. Panigrahi A, Sharma D. Exclusive breast feeding practice and its determinants among mothers of children aged 6–12 months living in slum areas of Bhubaneswar, eastern India. Clin Epidemiol Glob Heal. 2019;7(3):424–8.
  30. Arora NK, Nair MKC, Gulati S, Deshmukh V, Mohapatra A, Mishra D,…….Panigrahi A,…… et al. Neurodevelopmental disorders in children aged 2–9 years: Population-based burden estimates across five regions in India. PLoS Med. 2018;15(7):e1002615.
  31. Panigrahi A, Das SC, Sahoo P. Adaptive functioning and its associated factors among girl children residing in slum areas of Bhubaneswar, India. J Paediatr Child Health. 2018;54(1):55–60.
  32. Dash SC, Agarwal SK, Panigrahi A, Mishra J, Dash D. Diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease combination “DHKD syndrome” is common in India. J Assoc Physicians India. 2018;66(March):30–3.
  33. Panigrahi M, Panigrahi A. Curbing Malaria: A New Hope through Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) Technology. J arthropod borne Dis. 2017;11(4):539–40.
  34. Panigrahi A, Panigrahi M, Padhy AP, Das SC. Common mental disorder and its socio-demographic correlates among married women residing in slum areas of Bhubaneswar, India. Women Heal. 2017;57(5):521–33.
  35. Das SC, Panigrahi A, Rout RN. Epidemiological Determinants Affecting Health Status of Slum Children Aged 3-9 years. J Med Sci Clin Res. 2017;05(02):18241–6.

Book Publication: -

  1. Implementation Research on Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, and Mental Illness in India: A systematic Review (2022), ICMR-NIIRNCD and WHO
  2. 2. Iodine status of women in urban slums of Cuttack city, Orissa, India: A study exploring various aspects concerning iodine status of women (2011), LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8443-2862-2

Awards & Achievements:

  1. Received the prestigious “ICMR-Prize for Biomedical Research conducted in Underdeveloped Areas – 2019”, ICMR, New Delhi, 2020
  2. Received the prestigious “Chinta O Chetana National Award” at the 43rd National Baisakhi Festival-2022 for contribution in the field of Medical Science – Chinta O Chetana in association with Ministry of I & B and Home affairs, Govt. of India, 2022
  3. Research Excellence Award-Institute of Scholars, 2019


  1. Institutional recognition for contribution in Research & Publications in 2019-20 – Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, 2020
  2. Elsevier Reviewer Recognition Award, 2016
  3. Institutional recognition for contribution in Teaching, Research & Work in Community Medicine – Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, 2013

MD/MPH students:

As guide/co-guide, I have supervised and mentored seven postgraduate students for their MD theses and four MPH students for their dissertations.

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