Dr. Srikanta Kanungo

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Dr. Srikanta Kanungo

Scientist- D

Date of Joining : 10/05/2019
Date of Joining(present post): 10/05/2019

ICMR-Regional Medical Research Centre Chandrasekharpur,Bhubaneswar-751 023 Odisha, India


Saradeipur, Gopinathpur, Bhubaneswar

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Educational Qualifications:

Graduation in MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Odisha from Berhampur University in the year 2009.

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Research Interests:
Health System, TB, Chronic Respiratory diseases, Tobacco control, Cancer, Tribal Health, Multimorbidity& Artificial Intelligence

Designation Institution Duration
Scientist-C Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR),
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
10/05/2019 - Till date
Assistant Professor IMS and SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar 05/10/2018 – 09/05/2019
Senior Resident JIPMER, Pondicherry 31/08/2015 – 30/08/2018
Surveillance Medical Officer World Health Organization 01/07/2014 – 30/08/2015

Projects being handled as PI/Co-PI/Co-I:

Sl No. Name of the project Role (PI/Co-PI/Co-I) Funding agency Total duration
1 Improving the Health Care Access and Quality in the Context of Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) among Scheduled Tribes: An Implementation Research Principal Investigator ICMR 2020 - 2022
2 A demonstration project for reduction of Tuberculosis in different parts of India- a multicentric study (Rayagada) Principal Investigator ICMR 2022 - 2024
3 A research cum intervention multi-centric study to strengthen National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP) by implementing programme guidelines for TB using novel strategies to address the various challenges faced by the programme in selected states and specific population/communities in India Principal Investigator ICMR 2022 - 2024
4 Master of Public Health academic programme Principal Investigator / Nodal Officer Intramural 2019 – till date
5 ICMR Capacity building for disease estimation and projection Mentee & Co -PI ICMR 2022 – 2025
6 Understanding availability of Essential diagnostics in Health Care System: Identifying barriers and facilitators Co-PI ICMR 2022 - 2023
7 Active case finding of pulmonary tuberculosis among minors of Odisha state Co-PI ICMR 2022 - 2024
8 A demonstration project for reduction of Tuberculosis in different parts of India- a multicentric study (North east) Co - PI ICMR 2022 - 2024
9 Development of Artificial intelligence enabled voice-based sensor device for early diagnosis of Autism Co-PI ICMR 2022 - 2024
10 Addressing the burden of snakebite in tribal communities of Rayagada, Odisha: development and feasibility of a multi-component intervention Co-PI ICMR 2022 - 2024
11 Development/ and Validation of Artificial Intelligence Tool for Screening/detection of Pulmonary TB and other lung diseases using Chest X-rays Co-PI ICMR 2022 - 2024
12 Establishing Demographic Surveillance Site (DSS) across different geographic locations in the country Co- Investigator BIRAC-DBT 2020 - 2023
13 Catalyzing multimorbidity research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries through a "community of practice" approach: An India-Brazil-UK Initiative Co- Investigator Medical Research Council, (GCRF) 2020 - 2022
14 Odisha Tribal Family Health Survey, 2022 Co- Investigator SCSTRI, Odisha 2022 - 2023
15 My Lab Discovery’s TB Kit evaluation Clinical Investigator ICMR 2022 - 2023

Total Publication – 95

Publications in the last 5 years (Total publications: 44)

  1. Kusuma YS, Kumari A, Rajbangshi P, Ganie A, Sarala R, Kumar D, Kalaiselvi S, Kanungo S, Jain N, Singh R, Tiwari SK, Gupta SD, Babu BV Vaccination and associated factors among tribal children of 1 year age in nine Indian districts: A cross-sectional study. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2023.
  2. Giri S, Sahu P, Kanungo S, Bal HB, Kumar S, Kar S, Mohanty T, Turuk J, Das D, Hota PK, Pati S. Diabetes mellitus and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in people with tuberculosis in Odisha, India. Indian Journal of Tuberculosis 2023.
  3. Hasan NR; Dehuri P, Jena A, Kanungo S. A Correlation of Serum Histamine and Mast Cell Count with the Established Prognosticators in Oral Cancer. Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure 11(2):p 97-102, Apr–Jun 2023
  4. Pattnaik S, Murmu J, Agrawal R, Rehman T, Kanungo S, Pati S. Prevalence, pattern and determinants of disabilities in India: Insights from NFHS-5 (2019-21). Front Public Health. 2023;11:1036499.
  5. Nayak S, Rehman T, Patel K, Dash P, Alice A, Kanungo S, et al. Factors Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu): A Systematic Review. Healthcare (Basel). 2023;11:551
  6. Murmu J, Agrawal R, Manna S, Pattnaik S, Ghosal S, Sinha A, Kanungo S, Pati Set al. Social determinants of tobacco use among tribal communities in India: Evidence from the first wave of Longitudinal Ageing Study in India. PLoS One. 2023;18:e0282487
  7. Agrawal R, Murmu J, Kanungo S, Pati S. “Nigeria on alert: Diphtheria outbreaks require urgent action” - A critical look at the current situation and potential solutions. New Microbes New Infect. 2023;52:101100
  8. Pattnaik S, Agrawal R, Murmu J,Kanungo S, Pati S. Does the rise in cases of Kyasanur forest disease call for the implementation of One Health in India? IJID Regions 2023;7:18-21
  9. Sharma S, Aggarwal S, Kulkarni R, Kumar D, Mishra BK, Dwivedi GR,…Kanungo S..et al. Challenges in Accessing and Delivering Maternal and Child Health Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Rapid Survey from Six States of India. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2023;20:1538
  10. Hasan, N.R., Dehuri, P., Jena, A. and Kanungo, S., 2023. A correlation of serum histamine and mast cell count with the established prognosticators in oral cancer. Journal Microscopy and Ultrastructure (2023)
  11. Agrawal, DrRitik; Ghosal, Shishirendu; Murmu, Jogesh; Sinha, Abhinav; Kaur, Harpreet; Kanungo, Srikanta; Pati, DrSanghamitra. Smokeless tobacco utilization among tribal communities in India: A population-based cross-sectional analysis of Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2016-17. Frontiers Public Health 2023;10:525
  12. Nayak, S; Nayak, SR; Alice, A; Sahoo, D; Kanungo, S; Rehman, T; Pati, S; Palo, SK. Factors associated with poor self-rated health among chronic kidney disease patients and their health care utilization: Insights from LASI wave-1, 2017-18. Frontiers Nephrology 2023;2:55
  13. Sinha A, Kerketta S, Ghosal S, Kanungo S, Lee JT, Pati S. Multimorbidity and Complex Multimorbidity in India: Findings from the 2017-2018 Longitudinal Ageing Study in India (LASI). Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022;19:9091.
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  15. Singh D, Sinha A, Kanungo S, Pati S. Disparities in Coverage of Adult Immunization among Older Adults in India. Vaccines (Basel). 2022;10:2124
  16. Sahoo KC, Doley C, Negi S, Das S, Verma P, Kanungo S, et al. Experiences of Urban Slum-Dwelling Women With Maternal and Child Health Services During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multi-City Qualitative Study From India. Int J Public Health. 2022;67:1604348
  17. Sahay MR, Dubey S, Sahoo RK, Kanungo S, Sahoo KC, Pati S. Health-Related Challenges and Coping Strategies Among Women During Pandemics: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Studies. Front Health Serv. 2022;2:847753
  18. Rehman T, Mallick A, Ahamed F, Kanungo S, Pati S. Willingness to pay for a COVID-19 vaccine for oneself and one’s child among individuals attending a tertiary care centre in West Bengal, India. Niger Postgrad Med J. 2022;29:296–302
  19. Pattnaik M, Nayak AK, Karna S, Sahoo SK, Palo SK, Kanungo S, et al. Perception and determinants leading to antimicrobial (mis)use: A knowledge, attitude, and practices study in the rural communities of Odisha, India. Front Public Health. 2022;10:1074154
  20. Pati S, Sinha A, Ghosal S, Kerketta S, Lee JT, Kanungo S. Family-Level Multimorbidity among Older Adults in India: Looking through a Syndemic Lens. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022;19:9850.
  21. Patel K, Palo SK, Kanungo S, Mishra BK, Pati S. Health literacy on hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, and diseases among rural secondary school children - Findings from a qualitative study in Odisha, India. J Family Med Prim Care. 2022;11:5430–6
  22. Patel K, Mishra BK, Kanungo S, Bhuyan D, Som M, Marta B, et al. Community response towards health care providers delivering health care services during COVID-19 pandemic: A strategy framework based on findings of a qualitative study in Odisha, India. J Family Med Prim Care. 2022;11:5417–22
  23. Parai D, Choudhary HR, Dash GC, Behera S, Mishra N, PattnaikD,…Kanungo S.. et al. Dynamicity and persistence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 antibody response after double dose and the third dose with BBV-152 and AZD1222 vaccines: A prospective, longitudinal cohort study. Front Microbiol. 2022;13:942659
  24. Palo SK, Dubey S, Negi S, Sahay MR, Patel K, Swain S, Kanungo S… et al. Effective interventions to ensure MCH (Maternal and Child Health) services during pandemic related health emergencies (Zika, Ebola, and COVID-19): A systematic review. PLoS One. 2022;17:e0268106
  25. Nair S, Joshi A, Aggarwal S, Adhikari T, Mahajan N, Diwan V…Kanungo S….et al. Development & validation of scales to assess stigma related to COVID-19 in India. Indian J Med Res. 2022;155:156–64.
  26. Mishra BK, Kanungo S, Patel K, Swain S, Dwivedy S, Panda S……Kanungo S…et al. Resolution of Resilience: Empirical Findings on the Challenges Faced and the Mitigation Strategies Adopted by Community Health Workers (CHWs) to Provide Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Context of Odisha, India. Healthcare (Basel). 2022;10:88
  27. Menon GR, Yadav J, Aggarwal S, Singh R, Kaur S, Chakma T,….Kanungo S et al. Psychological distress and burnout among healthcare worker during COVID-19 pandemic in India-A cross-sectional study. PLoS One. 2022;17:e0264956
  28. Mahapatra A, Palo SK, Bhattacharya D, Kanungo S, Kshatri JS, Mishra BK, et al. Trend in seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 (IgG antibody) among tribal-dominated population: Findings from Jharkhand, India. Indian J Med Res. 2022;156:228–39
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Awards & Achievements:

  1. University Gold Medal in MD. Community Medicine, 2014
  2. Awarded by Rotary International for contribution in COVID-19 in India
  3. Presidential Award 2023, Indian Public Health Association


Membership (Life member)

  1. Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
  2. Indian Public Health Association
  3. Association of Family Physician of India

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