Dr. Subhendu Kumar Acharya

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Dr. Subhendu Kumar Acharya

Scientist – D

Date of Joining : 12/07/2017
Date of Joining(present post): 28/02/2022

Regional Medical Research Centre, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar-751 023, Odisha , India


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Educational Qualifications:

M.Sc(Anthropology) (Utkal), M.Phil., PhD (Delhi)

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Research Experience
Biomedical, Social & Behavioural Health; Health Of ST, SC And Other Vernarable Communities; Malnutrition; Adolescent And Youth Health; Hemoglobinopathies; Bio-Cultural Diversity And Human Variation And Its Association With Human Health And Diseases; Health And Diseases, And Media; Women And Child Health; Social Epidemiology.
  1. Rajesh Kumar Rai, Chandan Kumar, Lucky Singh, Prashant Kumar Singh, Subhendu Kumar Acharya, Shalini Singh. Rising Burden of Overweight and Obesity among Indian Adults: Empirical Insights for Public Health Preparednes. Journal of Biosocial Science (2020), doi:10.1017/S0021932020000486.
  2. Gautam K. Kshatriya, Subhendu K. Acharya. 2019. Prevalence and risks of hypertension among Indian tribes and its status among the lean and underweight individuals, Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews, 13(2):1105-1115,ISSN 1871-4021. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dsx.2019.01.028.
  3. Gautam K. Kshatriya, Anjali Kumari, Subhendu K. Acharya.2019. Comparing the ability of anthropometric indicators in determining the prevalence of hypertension among Indian tribes. Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews. 13(1): 696-706. ISSN 1871-4021. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dsx.2018.11.038.
  4. Subhendu K Acharya. 2017. Womb, womanhood and medical ethics: Concerns of rising hysterectomy cases in India. Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. 43(2):165-166 http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/jfprhc-2016-101649.
  5. Gautam K Kshatriya, Subhendu K Acharya. 2016. Gender Disparities In The Prevalence Of Undernutrition And The Higher Risk Among The Young Women Of Indian Tribes.PloSOne. 11(7):e0158308
  6. Gautam K Kshatriya, Subhendu K Acharya. 2016. Triple Burden Of Obesity, Undernutrition And Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among The Indian Tribes. PloSOne. 11(1):e0147934
  7. Subhendu Kumar Acharya, Gautam K Kshatriya, Pradipta Kumar Das. 2015. Love and Marriage Practices among the Pauri Bhuyan Tribe in Keonjhar District of Odisha, India. The Eastern Anthropologist. 68.1. ISSN : 0012-8686.
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Book Chapters:

  1. Subhendu K Acharya.2016.Understanding Disease-Culture-Society Complex: An Anthropological model of Leprosy in Indian context. In: Environment, Development, Public Policy and Health: Anthropological Perspective. VK Srivastava, AK Kapoor, M Dhall (Editors). Vol 1(5). New Delhi: BR Publishing. pp67-92. ISBN:9789350502754.
  2. Subhendu K Acharya, Gautam K Kshetriya. 2016. Burden of Undernitrition and hypertension among selected tribes of West Bengal and Odisha. In: Human Development; Anthropological Insights (Vol-1). NirmalPrakashan. Delhi:ISBN: 978-81-931751-4-9.Pp68-92
  3. Gautam K Kshatriya, Subhendu K Acharya. 2013. Tribal Health in India: An overview. In: Contemporary Society: Tribal Studies. Edited by Georg Pfeffer, DeepakKumarBehera (2013). Concept Pulishing co. New Delhi.
  4. Subhendu K Acharya. Outsider in a Tribal land: while I worked on leprosy among Paudi Bhuyans of Odisha. In: ‘Ethno medical practices in tribal areas’. Edited by J. Dash, PK Patra and KC Satapathy. (2013). Avon (SSDN), New Delhi. ISBN-9789381839188
  5. Subhendu K Acharya, Pradipta K Das, Gautam K Kshetriya.2016. Biomedical Research Ethics Involving Humans and Issues of Human rights in India:Observations from violation of Informed consent and illegal Medical/Drug Experiments. In:Human Rights Education: Issues and Challenges. Dr. PratyushVatsala. (Editor). New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers.
  6. Subhendu K Acharya, Gautam K Kshatriya. 2015. Coprevalence of high rate of undernutrition and hypertension among six tribal population groups of India. In: Human Growth and Nutrition: A Biocultural Synthesis. PK Patra, Rajesh Goutam (Editors). Kalpaz Publication. New Delhi: ISSN:978-93-5128-204-4. pp117-136.

Publication in Newspapers:

  1. Editorial in ‘The Pragatibadi’ (a local vernacular daily). United Nations Security Council and the Chances of India to Get a Seat in It. ‘dated 5th June 2005.

Grants Received:

  • I. Individual Research Projects as Principal investigator:
  1. Prevalence And Severity Of Hemoglobin Disorders (Haemoglobinopathies And G6pd Deficiency) And The Measures Of Multimorbidity And Morbidity Burden Of Selected Hemoglobinopathies Among Tribal Populations Of Tamil Nadu; Extramural. On-going
  2. Prevalence Of Obesity And Selected Metabolic Risk Factors Among The Small Population Tribes Of South India; Extramural, On-going
  3. Mapping the prevalence of health risk behaviors among the tribal adolescents in Odisha- examining the status and scope for behavioral healthcare intervention and health risk reduction; Extramural, Fund release awaiting.
  • II. As Co- Principal investigator:
  1. Estimation of prevalence of infertility, identify causes and development of strategies for improving fertility in Muduvan Tribe, South India; Extramural
  • III. As Co-Investigator:
  1. Epidemiology of Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology in India: A multi-centric study; Extramural (Role: Co Investigator)
  2. Prevalence and predictors of vitamin B12 deficiency: genetic associations for low vitamin B12 levels - multi-center a pan India study; Extramural (Site-Investigator) Completed.
  3. Network for documentation and validation of tribal health practices' Multicentric Task-force study;Task Force (Role: Co Investigator) On-going
  4. ICMR Task Force Study on Smokeless Tobacco and Reproductive and Maternal Health (ICMR SLT-RMH study) On-going

Invited lecture/study modules preparation:

  1. Presented the lecture on “Conducting Anthropological Fieldwork; Data collection to data analysis” on 7th January, 2020 in invited lecture series in the Department of Anthropology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
  2. Presented e-lecture titled “Socio-behavioral aspects of Tribal health in the context of rising NCD” for UGC-SWAYAMM program with Department of Tribal Studies, Sambal Pur University.
  3. Prepared study modules for M.Sc Anthropology course for University Grants Commission (UGC), Government of India for E-Pathsala programme on the following topics:
    Origin of Caste: Various theories; Reproductive Isolate and the concept of Gene pool; Models to study gene flow; Evidences of Evolution

Invited Reviewer In Journals:

Public Health Nutrition; PlosOne; Sociology of Health and Illness; Food Security ; Man in Society; BMJ open; Public Health and Practice; Sage Open; Health Poilicy and Planning.

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