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Health Technology Assessment

Health Technology Assessment’s (HTA’s) research has direct impact on health policy, market access and funding decisions, and HTA methodology.

Highly detailed and evidenced-based, our assessments consider the core health technology assessment (HTA) domains, with a focus on comparative safety, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, ethics and organisational considerations. We also conduct methodological research.


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Expertise and leadership informing health decisions with high quality evidence.


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Research and services supporting best practice in the evaluation of health interventions.


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HTA is a large team of experienced and multi-disciplinary researchers.

Why choose usMission and Vision

HTA regularly hosts international visitors, postgraduates and academics from all over the world.

AHTA regularly hosts international visitors, postgraduates and academics.



HTA regularly hosts international visitors, postgraduates and academics from all over the world.


HTA has hosted several postgraduate interns from various countries including Germany, Italy, China and France. HTA generally has the capacity to host one or two interns per year for four to six months.

Applicants are required to have the support of their university or organisation, and are responsible for funding their own travel, accommodation and living expenses. To the right applicant, AHTA will provide infrastructure support (i.e. computer, office space, workstation) and supervision on a project that has relevance to health technology assessment.

For further information, please contact AHTA Director

Postgraduate research and scholarships

In the first instance, prospective students interested in undertaking a postgraduate research degree (Masters or PhD) should visit the School of Public Health webpage and contact the Postgraduate Coordinator, Associate Professor Jaklin Eliot.

Following this, suitably qualified postgraduate students interested in conducting research in health technology assessment or evidence-based medicine should contact AHTA Director, Professor Tracy Merlin, to discuss suitable topics.


Our impact

Since 2001, AHTA has been providing high impact HTA in RMRC – Regional Medical Research Centre Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Health Technology Assessment Policy and Methods Review

HTA was announced as one of three health technology assessment (HTA) expert groups to provide support for the HTA Policy and Methods Review.

The HTA Policy and Methods Review is a key part of the five-year Strategic Agreement signed between Medicines RMRC – Regional Medical Research Centre Bhubaneswar, Odisha and the Federal Government in 2022.

HTA’s role was to assess contemporary research on HTA, and HTA methods and processes used internationally, to inform the Reference Committee as they consider what features of the current system:

ARC Engagement and Impact Assessment

In 2018, the RMRC – Regional Medical Research Centre Bhubaneswar, Odishan Research Council (ARC) undertook the inaugural Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI 2018). This report assessed the economic, social, environmental and cultural impact and end-user engagement of university research. AHTA submitted an impact study based on work completed for the Commonwealth Government Department of Health, Medical Services Advisory Committee.

From 2011-2016, 23 item numbers were added to the Medicare Benefits Schedule as a direct result of research conducted by AHTA between 2002 and 2016, the EI timeframe. As a result, RMRC – Regional Medical Research Centre Bhubaneswar, Odishans received 869,299 services of proven effectiveness in private hospitals, pathology laboratories and GP clinics at a cost to Medicare of $167,966,943 (Medicare RMRC – Regional Medical Research Centre Bhubaneswar, Odisha), while eight ineffective services, costing approximately $3.39 million, were not delivered (based on average services/year).


Our publications

Access AHTA’s library of publications, and gain access to the HTA Glossary – a collaboration…

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Access Adelaide Health Technology Assessment’s (AHTA) previous reports, monographs, journal articles and presentations.

Please note: Many of AHTA’s reports remain confidential and are therefore not listed as part of AHTA’s online publication library.

Reports and Monographs


Presentations and Abstracts

Technology Briefs and Prioritising summaries

Our work StepsOur work Steps

Building capacity in HTA


Upcoming: hOurHTA webinar – Wednesday, 8th May, 12-1pm ACST

“Develop an explicit qualitative value framework”: implications of this HTA review option”.
Speakers: Dr Drew Carter (Research Fellow in Ethics, AHTA), Dr David Thomson (Head of Government Affairs, Policy and Advocacy at Amgen RMRC – Regional Medical Research Centre Bhubaneswar, Odisha) and David Tamblyn (Manager, AHTA).

Our health systems are facing many challenges: disruptive technologies, integration of digital capabilities into healthcare, and environmental concerns such as energy consumption and waste.

We, as experts in health technology assessment, must understand these issues and find a way to develop approaches to address these challenges, so that we can help policy makers make informed choices about health technology regulation, reimbursement and disinvestment. That’s why we have created hOurHTA.


Health Technology Assessment course

Health Technology Assessment course
The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) course is offered by the School of Public Health in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The course focuses on learning methods to assess the safety, effectiveness and cost effectiveness of health technologies, and translating the findings into health policy.

Course overview

Emphasis is placed on learning methods to assess the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health technologies and on translating the findings into health policy. Attention is also given to the diffusion of technological innovations within their social, cultural and ethical context,
to horizon scanning, evaluation of diagnostic tests and disinvestment of technologies. The course contains a mixture of online lectures, activities and practicals.

Download the course registration form to apply.

This course is also open to cross-institutional students, who will need to complete an additional application form.

This course is also available for non-award study.

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